Air Variable
Tuning Capacitors
This is a great capacitor for the radio experimenter.  The frame of these capacitors has several threaded
mounting holes in the front and rear making it easy to use in your home brew project.

The 5 sections are detailed below in the picture showing the capacitance value of each section and the trimmers.  

Buyers have told me that they are using these capacitors in:

  • Crystal set radios
  • Old tube radios
  • Home made antenna tuners
  • Antenna preselectors
  • VFO's
  • Ham radio projects, etc
  • Making tunable filters
  • These are also perfect for loop antennas for the AM band or the shortwave bands.
** NOS **
5 section Air Variable Capacitors with Vernier Tuning
Capacitor Section Details
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Unmeshed Air Variable Capacitor
Side View Air Variable Capacitor
Trimmer Assembly
Vernier detail Tuning Capacitor
Capacitor Section Values
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