FM Dipole
Designed and
Manufactured by Paul
A Cianciolo, W1VLF
with inquires about the
Wide Band 300
Ohm Folded
Dipole FM
band covers the
entire FM band
88 MHz to 108
MHz ceiling or
attic antenna
Cost of
antenna is
$99.00 plus
Some antenna facts:
  • A simple balanced wire dipole antenna has a limited bandwidth
    which is not adequate for covering the entire FM band. See the plot below and note the very high
    SWR at anywhere beside the resonant point of the antenna. Dipole bandwidth is a function of
    frequency, diameter, material and the antenna's environment.
  • A folded dipole, made from a
    larger diameter, has an impedance of 300 Ohms (so it requires a balun) but also has a much
    greater bandwidth. See the plot below and note the SWR stays well below 2 to 1 for the entire
    FM band.
  • The very last plot is a picture of the SWR in a real world environment using test
Built of 1" square
aluminum tubing with
insulators the FM-FD1
is designed to be hung
from the ceiling of a
room or from the
rafters of an attic. This
is perfect for the FM
enthusiast that cannot
locate an antenna on
the roof.
The FM-FD1 is
designed of 1"
aluminum and yields
a rugged, high
performance antenna
that weighs in at just
under 4 lbs and is 54"
tall. Not shown in the
picture is another set
of insulators that
allow for mounting in
the horizontal and
orientating toward
your favorite stations.
Keeping the feed line
at a 90 degree angle
to the FM-FD1
antenna helps insure
the most
pattern. With that in
mind, the FM-FD1 has
a support to keep the
feed line heading in
the correct direction.
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