8 Element FM Broadcast Heavy Duty
Log-Periodic Antenna

Designed and Manufactured by Paul A Cianciolo, W1VLF
E-mail paulc@snet.net with inquires about the FM-LP8

The FM-LP8 is $349.00 plus shipping and ships approx. 2 weeks after receipt of payment.


Electrical Specifications:

Physical Specifications:

What's In The Box?

Why Buy This Log Periodic Antenna?

For example at my house in Harwinton, CT I can listen to either WGBH Boston Ma, WTBR Pittsfield MA, or WFGB Kingston NY just by moving the antenna direction.

All these stations are on 89.7 MHz and range from 50 to 120 miles away from my house.

Final Comments:

This is a great performing antenna that is ruggedly designed to withstand the snow, icing and winds of New England winters.

For purposes of calirty some of the elements and various
components have been removed in the following pictures.

Log close up

Log antenna close up

Log antenna caliper

Element and antenna close up



nylock nuts for elements

graph 1

graph 2

graph 3

graph 4

graph 5




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